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SSC and Mother Center Updates for 2014

Strategic Goal:  Financial Stability

  • Paying back the Mortgage Circle - We have interested buyers for both available lots, inshallah, and are moving towards sales, al hamdulillah!
  • Continued cost saving measures to balance budget (after your generous donations)!
    • Again we say congratulations to the staff at the Mother Center for successfully keeping monthly operating expenses (including salaries, insurance, utilities, etc) down!  We continue to make strong gains toward better financial health.  This means more of your donations can go toward projects with national impact as well as important improvements at the retreat center to further enhance the ability of our Mother Center to support itself fully, inshallah.

  • Updated the website with a new look thanks to help from a beloved.  Please stop by! Look for more improvements in coming months.

  • We are currently developing and implementing a marketing plan to draw more groups and other visitors to stay at the Center with the help and expertise of a beloved.

  • At Sidi’s behest we have established a regular zawiyyah program with Amina al-Jamal in residence for beloveds to come and walk and drink.  So far the program is doing very well and we are deeply grateful to Amina for coming to be with us and provide this holy service for the beloveds.  You can see schedule and contact information at our new Center website,
  • Increasing usage of Retreat Center facility to create more vibrancy and revenue
  • Facility Improvements
    • Spring House - BeforeSpring House renovation completed in January – it’s a beautiful room and presently being used for the new zawiyyah program.  (Photos, right: Before & After) Donate to this project

    • Water harvesting check dams were created to slow water coming down the stream, to allow the ground water to recharge when the stream is flowing.

    • Added 20,000 gallons of water storage capacity to our system, including installing gutters andSpring House - After collecting rainwater from building roofs to reduce need to purchase water during drought times. (Photo, below)

    • Added more safety protocols and policies

    • Healing Springs Spa development - Completed the bathhouse spring box and are preparing the bathing site.  While we did not quite get the bathing area set up as expected last year, inshallah in the next few months we will have two antique bath tubsNew 2500 gal Water Tanks enclosed in tents for bathing.  Stay tuned for news! Donate to this project.

Strategic Goal:  Community Support and Development

  • We completed one successful Strategic Planning retreat in May and plan to hold other events in 2015 to gather local feedback and input into our draft plan, due out in January 2015.  Visit for more information.

  • Kept our doors wide open!  No one who wanted to come to the Mother Center this year was turned away for lack of funds.

  • Established a Beloveds Emergency Fund sourced by donations and 5% of general donations received each month. Donate to this fund.

  • We broadcast many of Sidi’s talks from his time at the Mother Center this year.  (All are available for download on the new website.)

Strategic Goal:  Sustainable Agriculture Development

  • A successful year-long permaculture education program completed in November.

    Permaculture class 2014
  • Creating a multi-year permaculture plan for the Retreat Center grounds is a key priority; planning for preliminary aspects is underway as we look for a professional to prepare a full scale plan for us.  Donate to this project.

  • Young olive and other fruit trees have been planted around the Retreat Center.

  • Permaculture principles are being studied and applied; our goal is for all the Center’s decisions to be based on sustainability principles.

Exciting plans for 2015!  Inshallah…

  • Continued development and refinement of a strategic plan for SSC, including incorporation of local community feedback through regional visioning sessions.
  • Mother Center/Shadhiliyyah Sufi Retreat Center-
    • Improve the Yellow House and make it the location of the new Women’s ZawiyyahNew Women's Zawiyyah Building.  Sidi has asked us to create a private space for the women who come to make retreat.

    • Create a guest/community kitchenette. Donate to this project.

    • Continued from 2014…Creating a mineral water drinking fountain in place of the heart pond at the mosque plaza as part of a planned renovation of the mosque plaza area to make it safer, more functional and more beautiful.  Donate to this project.

    • Continued from 2014…Open mineral water bathing facilities to the public. Donate to this project.

    • Continued from 2014…Continue planting of 100+ olive trees around the Center.  Donate to this project.

    • Continued from 2014…Continue expanding our water storage capacity and looking for additional water sources for the Center to support guests and gardens.

    • Continue to enhance safety protocols at the Mother Center.
  • National Community – Astagfirullah, we did not make as much progress as hoped in 2014 so continued from 2014…
    • Achieve full regional representation on the SSC Board
    • Hold member meeting in January 2015 to review past year’s progress
    • Resume quarterly newsletters
    • Upgrade website
Gifts and Estate Planning Print E-mail

Making a Gift for the Future

A charitable bequest is one of the simplest ways to support SSC's future. These thoughtful gifts, full of baraka, ensure that the we can continue our important work of spreading the teachings of Sufism and the Message of Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice and Freedom to future generations.

How it works

  1. You can provide now for a future gift to SSC by including a bequest provision in your will or revocable trust.

  2. A bequest can be a specific gift to SSC ("I bequeath the sum of Ten Thousand [$10,000] Dollars").  It can also be a percentage of the balance remaining in your estate after taxes, expenses and specific bequests have been paid — what's known as the residue ("I bequeath Ten [10%] Percent of the residue of my estate").

  3. SSC receives the gift, and applies it to the purpose(s) you specified, if any.  At SSC, all unrestricted charitable gifts are used strategically to support our top priorities, as determined by the Board of Directors from our vision, mission and strategic plan. If you would like to make a gift for a specific purpose (restricted gift), please call us at 707-965-0700 x23 to ensure that we can meet your wishes. Whether you choose to restrict a gift or not, your support will help ensure that Sidi’s teachings and Allah’s message are made available to all those searching for the Peace and the Love through a closer connection with God.

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Making a financial contribution to support the message of
Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice and Freedom

Whether you wish to make a one-time or recurring donation, we have several options to make it convenient for you. First, please fill out a pledge form and fax (707-965-4100), email (ssc @, or mail it to the Shadhiliyya Sufi Center, PO Box 100, Pope Valley, CA  94567.

A) Check or money order: We accept checks or money orders (made out to "SSC") which can be sent to: Shadhiliyya Sufi Center, P.O. Box 100, Pope Valley, CA 94567. This is ideal for one-time gifts; less convenient for a recurring gift.

B) Online Bill Pay: You can set up an automated recurring payment to us using your online banking bill pay service. All you need is our mailing address (above). This is free for us and probably also for you.

D) Credit cards (one-time or recurring): Donations by credit card can be made using the Donate button to the right (one-time) or set up via the pledge form or calling us (recurring) at 707-965-0700 x21. We accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express

THANK YOU,  and May Allah Bless You With Goodness!


What does my donation support? Print E-mail

As members of this community who have taken hand with Sidi, we receive services from the national organization which support our walking and care for our community.  Your tax-deductible donation goes to support these national operations such as communications, financial and non-profit administriation required by law, and maintenance of the offices and retreat center.  Included in this are national office staff salaries (2-1/2 people), utilities, office equipment, postage, services, insurance, supplies, vehicle expenses, repairs and maintenance for the facilities at Pope Valley, etc. 

Your Support Makes all the Difference Print E-mail

Subhanallah, al hamdulillah, la illaha ilalla Allahu Ahkbar!  2011 has been an amazing year, initiating the expansion of services and revenue producing programs which we have long prayed for.  Thank you for the love, time, and money that you have given to SSC in order to make this possible! 



May Allah bless you generously!

 Help us to serve and give the message of Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice and Freedom.

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May Allah bless your generously!