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News from 2013 Print E-mail

SSC and Mother Center Update for 2013


Strategic Goal: Financial Stability

  • Paying back the Mortgage Circle
    • Completed sale of one lot (al hamdulillah!)
    • Have interested buyers for second lot, inshallah!
    • Beginning marketing outside tariqa for third lot, inshallah.

  • Successful cost saving measures to balance budget (after your generous donations) and create a reserve
    • Inshallah the end of 2013 will see us in much better financial shape than last year, with a modest reserve to see us through months with fewer programs! Congratulations to the staff at the Mother Center for successfully keeping monthly operating expenses (including salaries, insurance, utilities, etc) below $20,000! They worked hard, cut costs and found savings everywhere they could, and it has paid off. This means more of your donations can go toward projects with national impact as well as important improvements at the retreat center which further enhance the ability of our Mother Center to support itself fully, inshallah.

  • Increase usage of Retreat Center facility through program development, upgrades and expansion of usable space
    • Year long Permaculture training program beginning December 2013
    • Expanding capacity for accommodating groups at retreat center
      • Renovation of old shed (Spring House) for additional meeting and dorm space 
    •  Facility Improvements
      • Completed renovation of kitchen serving area (walls, windows, swamp cooler and steam table)
      • Completed gift shop renovation, including repainting, antique display cabinets, and cozy gathering area for reading and teachings in the main room. It’s beautiful!
      • Beautification of Yellow House front yard with plantings and new gazebo cover.
      • Renovation of Yellow House Cottage for work study staff 
      • Repainting of upstairs hall and floor of Mosque building (right) 
    •  Healing Springs Spa development
      • Completed additional work on protecting the mineral spring source;
      • Purchase of water storage and heating equipment;
      • Will have two antique bath tubs enclosed in tents for bathing by year end, inshallah! Come take a bath!

Strategic Goal: Community Support and Development

  • Supporting development of a community council and children’s school in Pope Valley, CA local community, which will encourage community growth;
  • Palo Alto became a branch of SSC and is working toward becoming it’s own non-profit organization;
  • The Farm of Peace became a separate non-profit this year.

Your Online Shopping Now Helps Earn Us Money Print E-mail

New, EASY fundraising program for Shadhiliyya Sufi Communities and the Farm of Peace

Now your online shopping can help earn revenue for our centers!  When you use our online shopping page your purchases earn commissions for us.  You can also download a "tag" for your browser(s) so that participating merchants are highlighted when you do a Google search.  Simple! And no extra cost or loss of discounts or coupon offers.

News from 2012 Print E-mail

What am I giving to?  The manifestation and fulfillment of our mission!  Here are a few of the projects and initiatives accomplished or begun in 2012.  

Strategic Goal: Community Support and Development

  • International Community Dhikr Program - In 2012 the USHS and SSC launched a joint project to bring our far flung community together to do a monthly dhikr at the same time, beginning with a video teaching streamed via internet.  We used our new video conferencing equipment to connect communities visually, and to stream the program.  We also offered conference call access to maximize outreach.   There has been much gratitude expressed for the opportunity provided by this program, as it reaches even those with no community close by.  We are also grateful to the teachers who braved the camera and offered us their wisdom via this new medium: Ibrahim Jaffe, Wadude Laird, Nura Laird, Sa’id bin Yunus and Rahima Schmall.  Inshallah in 2013 we will continue this program with even more teachers and participants.
  • Thanks to many beloveds volunteering around the country, free daily practice calls abound all week long.  These calls are a wonderful way to get support for  key spiritual practices: al-Wird, Qur’an reading, reading and writing Sidi’s books, as well as other prayers and practices.  Himma and offerings have expanded this year and inshallah will continue to grow.  See teleclass schedule.

Strategic Goal: Financial Stability

Your Support Makes all the Difference Print E-mail

Subhanallah, al hamdulillah, la illaha ilalla Allahu Ahkbar!  2011 has been an amazing year, initiating the expansion of services and revenue producing programs which we have long prayed for.  Thank you for the love, time, and money that you have given to SSC in order to make this possible! 

News from 2011 Print E-mail

What am I giving to?  The manifestation and fulfillment of our long range plan!

Here are a few of the projects and initiatives accomplished or begun this year.  

Strategic Goal: Community Support and Development

The SSC and USHS Boards have committed to working together to support one another and the national tariqa in several ways in the coming years.  Together, as one hand, one heart, we believe we can be more successful in bringing the flag of unity to every home and reaching more people with the message of Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice and Freedom, inshallah. 

Sidi is pleased with SSC and USHS working together in a new way, with the new developments and projects, and he is excited about the long term vision of being able to host the many visitors to the Mother Center who are in need of healing.

New video conference equipment has been acquired by several communities, the University and by the Mother Center for broadcasting teachings between communities and over the internet.   Look for news of upcoming events and programs in 2012!!



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