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Retreat (zawiyah) is a core practice and very special opportunity to dive deep into these teachings and your own heart.  Zawiyahs are offered regularly at the Mother Center (CA) and at the Farm of Peace (PA), and periodically in other locations around the country.

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An Invitation to Come to Zawiyyah at the Mother Center

New Dates: From February 7th to 28th

Since the time of the first Sufi masters, students have traveled to the zawiyyah of their Shaykh to study the teachings of the way and to receive guidance and help in walking the Path to Allah. Sidi Shaykh Muhammad has now established a permanent zawiyyah at the Mother Center in Pope Valley as a place held sacred for this purpose.

Taking knowledge of the way and purifying your body, heart, and soul is an individual responsibility and involvement in this way is necessary. The zawiyyah provides a space where the nafs is free from activity in the lower world and protected from everything that leads to darkness and to extinguishing the light of the heart. It is a place for you to travel, to be alone with your Beloved God. The leader in the zawiyyah is one who has walked the path with the guide and helps to support the student to polish his or her heart, directs the student individually or together with other beloveds to a particular subject of study, facilitating the way of the disclosure of the lights of his Lord, walks with the student on the road, and is available for the questions you need to ask to help you with your walking.

An invitation is open to all those who are students of our Shaykh who want to dive into, and drown in the Ocean of the Way, to take the gnosis from his spirit and understanding of how to walk to Allah in this world and the next, in this way, through his heart and his spirit and his beloveds who follow this holy way.

Please contact me with any question you may have about the time you want to spend there. 415-419-4679 – Amina al-Jamal

If you know and want to come anytime between February 7th and the 28th,  register online here or call 707-965-0700 x 21.


  • DATES:  February 7 -28
  • COST: Program Fee $30 per day. Room cost is additional and can vary depending on preference. Meals can be on your own or purchased during times that the kitchen is preparing them.
  • LOCATION: Shadiliyyah Sufi Center, 2950 Pope Canyon Road, Pope Valley, CA 94567 (click here for directions).
  • REGISTER: To register to attend please complete the online registration form (using the links for the date(s) you want above)
  • QUESTIONS: Contact Amina al-Jamal at 707-765- 0904 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Each retreat program is designed to meet the spiritual needs of each beloved who attends. Beloveds can come from any place along the path. Each seeker works to build a foundation through writing our Guide Sidi Muhammad al-Jamal’s teachings, retreating into remembrance, growing more familiar with the form of the prayers and practices, or asking questions."

“Zawiyyah with Amina is one of the fullest, sweetest, richest ways of learning the Sufi teachings. She holds us so deeply and with such love, and the wisdom pours out of her seamlessly. I highly recommend it.” ~~Nura Laird, USHS Faculty

“A new door into Sidi’s teachings was opened through sitting with a beloved sister who has known our Guide and his teachings for so long and so well. Through the incredible container provided by Amina, I was able to open deep places within my heart to Sidi’s teachings for the first time. I feel stronger and more connected to the essence of who I am and therefore more connected to my Lord. I’d encourage everyone to make time to sit with Amina!” ~~Maryam Reimer

Spiritual Retreats at the Farm of Peace (PA) Print E-mail

Zawiyyah retreats at the serene and beautiful Farm of Peace in south central Pennsylvania can be arranged anytime, or you can join a larger group event, scheduled periodically throughout the year.  Please contact Raja Kropf at 717-573-4722 for information or to schedule a retreat. See below for specific retreats now scheduled, or visit our website:


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