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Sidi, would you explain about Ruh, the Spirit of God?

This is a divine secret from the Order of God. God puts the secret in every appearance of the appearance of existence. This appearance is sacred by the right of the truth (al-haqq) because it is through the existence that Allah sees Himself manifest. The existence is the mirror of God, and therefore it has the dimension to be holy. This spirit (ruh) does not belong to you, but belongs to God. You have eyes, but you do not see with these eyes but by the Will of God. He is the Seer (al-basir) and the Hearer (al-samia). You come to see and hear by His name. God is the sight in man. After God created as-Samia, man hears; so man hears by God. It is not you who sees, but the name of God through you.

We have to be polite and extremely good mannered because God has entrusted us with the secrets. When we see any appearance, we must be polite with it, and with all the secrets within it, for all of it is One.

Tajjaliat, (revelation) of the names (sifat) in man is the manifestation of the names in the pearl of God. Man is one appearance of the appearance of divinity, the Face of God, of the one truth. You who are this appearance has to be the slave of God, so never disobey. Whether you are Jew or Christian, you must not say you are from this or that race and be prejudiced because you are from any religion or race. Do not discriminate because you are discriminating against God. This is because all appearances from the beginning to the end are the appearance of truth. Precisely because of that you must be polite because we are the appearance of truth, the mirror in which God sees himself.

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