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What if someone’s heart is open but it is difficult for him to do the praying?

The prayer is necessary because it is at this time that you speak with your God and He wants to hear your voice. How can you become complete if you do not pray? You need to know the inside meaning of the prayer, not only the outside. If you do not pray, then you do not know the meaning. When you build a building, you put it up stone by stone to make the building big and strong. Each time you pray you put a stone on your building until it becomes strong. But if you leave stones out of the middle, the building becomes weak and will fall down. If you do not pray, you leave stones out of your building. You need to follow the Guide in everything. The student needs to be like the wool between the hands of the knitter, loose and soft, yet firm! The Guide takes you by the hand to put you in the Garden of God.

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