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What am I giving to?  The manifestation and fulfillment of our long range plan!

Here are a few of the projects and initiatives accomplished or begun this year.  

Strategic Goal: Community Support and Development

The SSC and USHS Boards have committed to working together to support one another and the national tariqa in several ways in the coming years.  Together, as one hand, one heart, we believe we can be more successful in bringing the flag of unity to every home and reaching more people with the message of Peace, Love, Mercy, Justice and Freedom, inshallah. 

Sidi is pleased with SSC and USHS working together in a new way, with the new developments and projects, and he is excited about the long term vision of being able to host the many visitors to the Mother Center who are in need of healing.

New video conference equipment has been acquired by several communities, the University and by the Mother Center for broadcasting teachings between communities and over the internet.   Look for news of upcoming events and programs in 2012!!

Improvements at the Mother Center:

-Road Improvements: The main access road for the Mother Center has received the first of three widenings, to improve safety and passing ability.  Further improvements are being planned and funding is needed.  The road is symbolic of opening and access, and of bringing more people to experience what we have to offer, inshallah, in the coming year.

-New bathrooms are completed and visitors are very appreciative of the lovely new facilities, including a  private wudu area for women.

As Sidi left the Mother Center on December 1, 2011, he said a prayer for the Center in Arabic then he said in English:  

“I pray that Allah protect this place, I pray that Allah gives support to this place, I pray that Allah gives yearning to the people, I pray that Allah gives protection to this holy place and all the people (who come here).   I love this place more than any other place and want other people to love this place, care about this place, help this place with excellence and perfect work.” 

In am email Sidi subsequently confirmed the above:  

“You did not miss any word!  This is perfect and what I said you remembered perfectly!”  He went on to say:  “This is the first place I built in all of America, you understand.  I love this place from the deepest place in my heart.  and I call all the people to help this place so that it is always full with the beloveds, and to care and to see this place filled up with the lovers of Allah more and more and more in every season.  This is my word.  This is the truth.”

Strategic Goal: Financial Stability

We strive to keep the cost of our events as low as possible so that everyone who wants can come and drink.  To maintain this policy, we need to increase programming and attendance at our Mother Center beyond USHS classes and events, and better utilize the resources that Allah has provided us on this holy land.  Promising new initiative are: 

HEALING WATERS- New Programs coming in 2012 - Healing Mineral Waters at the Mother Center: The flow of the mineral springs is being greatly improved and plans are under development for a new bathing facility to provide access to them.  New healing programs are being developed around this historic and holy resource for 2012.  This is a high priority project for which we are seeking donations.

HERBS - This year, for the first time we harvested a native herb, yerba santa, which grows wild around the Land in great abundance. Allah has generously provided us with this and other wild herbs for healing and income.  You can purchase some from the gift store online at Plans for an herb business, which will produce wild crafted and cultivated herbs, are underway.  Northern California is a prime herb producing region of the US.

WATER - Two new springs have recently been found on the “new land” which will, inshallah, be able to provide enough water for the community lot (Lot 2/Farm of Unity) as well as other parcels, if needed.  This is a miraculous and long awaited breakthrough and inshallah symbolizes a long-awaited shift and expansion for our whole organization.  

LAND - We are beginning to pay back the Mortgage Circle – a group of generous beloveds who came together three and a half years ago to hold the mortgage on the SSC land.  We are greatly appreciative of the $77,500 in new investments in the mortgage circle which have helped to repay existing investors that wanted to get paid out.  We will shortly begin making distributions from the sale of the first parcel of land designated for this purpose.  Two other lots are under agreement, al hamdulillah, with two more to go.  Please pray that 2012 will see us finally mortgage-free, inshallah!

As you see, we have an abundance of new initiatives with potential for better economic sustainability as well as outreach and dawah.  Right now, as new possibilities are popping up every moment, it seems, we have more projects than we have funds.  Your generous donations will help bring these into reality. Thank you for your support and prayers, and we ask Allah to bless and protect you and your families in the coming year.  

Ma salaam,

The SSC Board and Mother Center Staff



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