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Miracles...or Allah's Way of Life?

Contributed by Zahra Lee

We have all witnessed or experienced what seem like miracles due to Allah’s involvement or presence. After a while we may begin to notice that what seem like miracles start to happen more and more frequently - so much so that it becomes almost “normal” or the expected outcome rather than the hope or desire of our specific prayers and reliance on Allah. 

Our own voices, pictures and the shaytan can often distract or convince us otherwise, but Allah is the all powerful and amazing things happen when we or someone else is holding firm that everything is POSSIBLE thru Allah versus the challenges or obstacles.

Here is an example of a real and recent experience that was truly miraculous - completely unexpected and seemingly

impossible to expect.

A beloved was in the process of a career change in order to realize a long-time dream to be an interior designer. She was waiting for tuition funding approval from a government agency which was likely to occur, but could take several months. She attended an orientation for the program of her dreams, which was to start in just a couple of days, and felt a strong” yes” from her heart to sign up. So she went ahead and bought the required books and supplies for the program and decided to enroll, even though she had no money to pay yet. 

The afternoon before her classes started, she received early approval for the program tuition, and was informed that she could pick up the check that very afternoon! And, not only did the agency pay for the 10 month program she wanted, but they also paid for all her transportation costs. In the past she said she would never have taken this kind of chance when the outside factors seemed so impossible, but when she listened to Allah and went ahead, Allah miraculously opened the doors for her - Alhumdulillah!

PRAYER:  O Allah, help me remember to rely on you completely for what I need and only you, not any person, client, company, economy, government or circumstance, just YOU. You are Al-Razzaq -- the Provider of all my needs on the material, spiritual and emotional.


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