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Investing in Your Spiritual 401(k)

“And stand for the salah and pay the zakah.  And whatever good you send forward for yourselves, you shall find it with Allah.” Q2:110

Sadaqa is voluntary charity (different from the zakah that we owe to the poor) which carries merit for the giver in the hereafter.  The religions of Abraham all encourage charity, both to help Allah’s children who are in need now, and also to help the soul of the giver in their life after leaving this world.  It can be difficult for the human mind to understand the reality of the afterlife, yet this is one of the beliefs we attest to in Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  

Honestly, we have enough difficulty making it a priority to save for our retirement in this life, let alone after we die, but giving charity is just like a retirement fund for our life after we leave this plane, and it is even more important than your dunya retirement fund because it’s benefit will accompany you through eternity, unlike your possessions or loved ones.

Giving sadaqa not only earns Allah’s blessings for us later, it helps curb our self-indulgence and tendency to accumulate
excess or be wasteful.  Our promise to care for Allah’s creation requires the sadaqa of generosity, of effort to conserve, and consciousness of our impact on our environment.  Even one reduction in unnecessary or luxury expenditure, or even a trash bag per month could be a blessing for you in the hereafter.  And, if you donate the monetary savings as charity, you’ve made a double contribution!

So, we invite you to experiment with the idea of building your “spiritual 401k”! It probably already has quite a bit in it. To keep funding it, practice making sadaqa a priority in your daily life.  And many things are considered sadaqa, (see right sidebar).

Giving to schools, hospitals, mosques and other organizations which give Allah’s message, and will outlast you, are also sadaqa.  Your contributions to SSC qualifies because it makes it possible for us to continue offering programs and support for students of this path, as well as to fulfill our promise to Allah (through our promise to Sidi) to spread His message of Unity in this country.

Your donations to SSC are very important -- they make the difference between covering our costs for the year, or not.  And monthly donations are especially helpful.  We have a 2010 goal of $5,000 in monthly donations.

As of October we need an additional $3200 per month to meet that goal.  Donations in any amount are needed!  If 600 beloveds each contribute just $8.33 per month we can reach our $5,000 target! That’s two lattes or one lunch.  Giving those up to support our work, with Allah’s help, will go straight to your “spiritual 401(k)!

We know there are many demands on your purse these days; we simply ask that you please consider making an end of the year donation to SSC.  You can donate right from the website at | Support or by downloading a pledge form and sending it in.

Thank you and Jazakama’llahu-l-khayr.  May Allah bless you with goodness!

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We welcome anyone who has the himma to join this circle.  Contact Wahida Kass, operational lead at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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