Shadhiliyya Sufi Communities
Governance Model Implementation Steps Print E-mail
10/13/08 Draft

 (These steps to be coordinated by the Governance Circle; there will necessarily be some overlap between these steps)

1. Engage community-at-large to begin dialogue, invite participation, and offer training and support.   Make national email announcement, providing contact for feedback.

2. Extend the term of the existing interim SSC Board until new system is set up and the One Hand One Heart Board can take its place.  (Following Sidi’s guidance, we will implement before we make legal changes.  At the request of the interim Board, their training will begin at the next Board meeting.)

3. Provide assistance for the Mother Center and Northern California communities to adapt the model to their needs and begin implementation, including formation of new local and national circles, as needed.

4. Offer assistance to other communities along the same lines as for the Mother Center, and follow up on requests for information and support.
5. Convene a meeting of the Council of Honest to develop a more active organization in regards to its new role with the whole tariqa, and to establish a more intimate and supportive network of community and national leaders.

6. Begin the formation of four Administrative Councils.

  • The National Administration Council - initially from the Communication Circle, the Governance Circle, the Community Issues Resolution Circle, the Finance/Fundraising Circle, the Diversity Circle, and any other circles that are established, according to need.
  • The Mother Center Council - from existing and future circles such as the Running the Retreat Center Circle, a N. California Community Circle, a Sufi Gifts, Books and Spiritual Healing Resources Circle, a National Mother Center Outreach and Support Circle, and the Community Land Development Circle, as these and/or other circles are established, according to need.
  • The University Council for the most part already exists as the USHS Board.  Have conversations with USHS about how to proceed.
  • The Council of Shadhiliyya Communities already exists.  Have conversations with CSC about how to proceed.

7. Establish the One Hand One Heart Board from the Councils through their selection of representatives.

8. Create a multi-level evaluation process to measure the effectiveness of the model in meeting the needs of the tariqa, and identify and implement any needed refinements.

9. Draft changes in the legal documents for the corporation(s), as needed to formalize new structure.


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